Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

These are the terms of serivce of, which provides a provisional application (reservation) agency service for UR rental housing (public corporation) mainly in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, etc.
We will provide various services consented to these "Terms of Service"

About Service

  • We will make a provisional application (reservation) for UR rental housing (public corporation) free of charge.
  • It is operated by the UR Urban Organization's "UR Rental Housing Mediation System" with a placement fee from the UR Urban Organization.

About the use of the Service

  • It is necessary that the desired property, floor plan, and budget are clear.
    * If the desired property is undecided, we recommend that you collect information at this website or the nearest UR sales center.
  • We require you to disclose personal information (name, date of birth, current address, telephone number that can be contacted during the day, name of workplace, address of workplace, contact information of workplace, family structure, etc.).
    * If the information in each item of the preceding paragraph is not sufficient, we may need to refuse the service provision to the customer.

About Strict matters

  • Prohibition of double reservation
    Only one room can be provisionally applied (reserved) for each prospective contractor. If you make an online reservation or make a reservation at the UR Sales Center yourself, we will not be able to provide this service to you due to duplication in names.
  • Smooth contact
    Please contact us immediately if you have any concerns about the reserved room, or if you plan to decline the contract after viewing the room, etc. If you do not contact us, we may stop the service.


Our service does not guarantee the reservation of your desired room.



Introducing the advantages that provides an application agency service for JKK Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation).

Four advantages

  • 1. Staff who are familiar with the properties of JKK Tokyo will support you!
    Our staff, who know all about JKK Tokyo's properties, floor plans, living environment, etc., will propose the best room for your requirements.
  • 2. We will search for the vacancy of your desired property!
    We will save you the trouble by searching for the room you want on your behalf.
  • 3. We will help you through the complicated move-in examination and with your contract completely free of charge!
    We will help you completely free of charge when facing complexity of move-in examination or when sorting documents required for the contract
  • 4. We can make proposals together with UR rental housing and other public rental properties! We will not miss the opportnity (for reservations)
    We can propose UR rental housing and other public rental properties as a second option of your desired conditions.

Flow of applying to moving in

  • 1. Application
    Our staff, who are familiar with the properties of JKK Tokyo, will listen in detail to your wishes and propose the most suitable room.
    At the same time, we will also need to confirm your eligibility to move in.
  • 2. Search
    Our staff will find a room for you that suits your needs.
    We will contact you as soon as we find a room.
  • 3. Preview
    Our staff will guide you through the rooms.
    After viewing the room, if you are not satisfied we will search for a new room again.
  • 4. Apply for move-in
    You will fill out the required items on the application form and our staff will apply for move-in.
  • 5. Shipment of qualification documents for screening
    JKK Tokyo will mail the qualification guide documents to you.
    Please mail the documents required for screening to JKK Tokyo by the return date.
    Our staff will assist you in preparing the documents.
  • 6. Shipment of screening results
    JKK Tokyo will mail the screening results to you.
  • 7. Payment of security deposit
    Please pay the security deposit to a financial institution designated by JKK Tokyo.
  • 8. Contract
    Please complete the contract procedure at the "Public Housing Recruitment Center" of JKK Tokyo.
    You can receive the room key at the time of contract.
  • 9. Move-in
    Please move in by the date specified by JKK Tokyo.
    The daily rent and daily common service fee will be incurred from the contract date.