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JR Kyoto Line

JR Kobe Line

JR Osaka Loop Line

JR Tozai Line

JR Hanwa Line

JR Gakken Toshi Line

JR Takarazuka Line

JR Sagano Line

JR Nara Line

JR Biwako Line

JR Sakurai Line

JR Yamato route

JR Kosai Line

Osaka Municipal Tanimachi Line

Osaka Municipal Sennichimae Line

Hanshin Main Line

Hanshin Nanba Line

Osaka Municipal Chuo Line

Osaka Municipal Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line

Osaka Municipal Imazasuji Line

Hankyu Kyoto Line

Hankyu Senri Line

Keihan Main Line

Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line

Osaka Municipal Midosuji Line

Hanban Electric Railroad Uemachi Line

Osaka Municipal Yotsubashi Line

Nankai Main Line

Osaka City Nanko Port Town Line

Osaka Municipal Sakaisuji Line

Hanban Electric Railroad Hanban Line

Senboku Expressway

Nankai Koya Line

Kita Osaka Express Railway

Hankyu Takarazuka Line

Osaka Mono Rail

Keihan Katano Line

Kintetsu Osaka Line

Kintetsu Nagano Line

Kintetsu Nara Line

Hankyu Kobe Line

Kobe Express Tozai Line

Kobe City Coastline

Kobe Municipal Seishin / Yamanote Line

Sanyo Electric Railway Main Line

Shintetsu Gamo Line

Shintetsu Mita Line

Shintetsu Arima Line

Kobe New Port Island Line

Hanshin Mukogawa Line

Hankyu Imazu Line

Hankyu Itami Line

Shintetsu Park City Line

Kyoto Municipal Karasuma Line

Kyoto Municipal Tozai Line

Kintetsu Kyoto Line

Keifuku Electric Railway Arashiyama Main Line

Keifuku Electric Railway Kitano Line

Keihan Uji Line

Keihan Kyotsu Line

Hankyu Arashiyama Line

Kintetsu Keihanna Line

Kintetsu Sugawara Line

Kintetsu Tahara Main Line

Keihan Ishiyama Sakamoto Line

Hankyu Kobe Honsen

JR Fukuchiyama

JR Tokaidou・Sanyou

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